Friday, 14 March 2014

073 - Playground Textures

Day 73. It's easy to overlook the interesting things in our daily environment. For today's daily create I wandered around our school playground and took 9 photographs with my iPad mini looking directly at the playground from above. While taking these perpendicular shots I was looking for interesting textures and shapes and patterns. I then arranged them into this 3x3 grid using Diptic to create this final result.

There is something about grid layouts that really appeal to me, even going right back to my days at art school in the 80s. I often found myself coming up with visual ideas that were based on grid layouts. Not sure why, I just like them.
I want to offer a hat tip to Ross Wallis for this idea. Ross is a fellow Adobe Education Leader from the UK. He mentioned this idea to me several years ago at an Adobe Summer Institute in San Jose and he was originally making these photo grid designs using InDesign.