Saturday, 1 March 2014

060 - Dry in the Doghouse

Day 60. Some daily creates are just for fun. Others are to solve an actual problem. Today's is one of those. It's been pouring with rain here in Sydney and our golden retriever's dog house has been getting a bit damp. It is under cover from our pergola roof, but only just, so if the rain is heavy or coming from a particular direction, it can get a bit of water coming into it. What it needs is its own roof.

I had a spare sheet of corrugated polycarbonate from when I built the pergola roof, so I took to it with a pair of scissors and fashioned it into a temporary rain shade that can go on top of the dog house. I had to cut notches to fit around the roof support posts, and round the corners so we wouldn't slash our legs as we walked past it, but it should keep the rain off until it fines up again. It's just a simple thing, but sometimes that's where a bit of creativity comes in the most useful.