Monday, 3 March 2014

062 - Stealing Second Bass

Day 62. My son dropped by tonight to pick up a bass guitar that belonged to a friend of his. As he took away this bass, which was one of two basses I had in the house, the pun "stealing second bass" came to my mind. I'm always one to enjoy a good visual pun so I set up this photo with Alex holding the second bass guitar, took it with my Nexus 4 phone, dropped it into Adobe Photoshop CC and after a bit of manipulation ended up with this image.

The original photo was duplicated onto a couple of layers, had a stamp filter applied to it at different intensities, then the layers were merged to combine the best exposures to bring out the details in the right places. Then I used a Wacom tablet and the brush tools to paint in the coloured background by hand. I was originally thinking of a quite different graphic effect, but as I worked on it I quite liked the emergence of the flat pastel look so the image went that direction instead.