Friday, 28 March 2014

087 - Jelly Beans

Day 87. This simple image was created using Adobe Illustrator, one of the Adobe Creative Cloud tools that I use less than others so I'm not as confident with it. So tonight I was just messing about with Illustrator's pen tool for drawing bezier curves and I drew a nice smooth jelly bean shape. After adding the simple specular highlight shapes I grouped them into a single object, then duplicated it four times, changing the colour of each. The colours, by the way, are based on the hex codes for Google's logo.

After making each coloured jelly bean I turned them into scatter brushes so I could paint with them. I adjusted the size, angle and scatter to be randomised, and then each time I dragged a brush across the screen it left a trail of jellybeans.

I know it looks simple, but there are quite a few core Illustrator skills involved in making this image.