Friday, 28 February 2014

059 - Little Creatures 2

Day 59. Some of these creative tools require time and experimentation to figure out what you can do with them. I made a 3D model a few weeks ago using a very cool iPad app called 123D Creature from AutoDesk. It's amazing software, and really shows just how powerful the graphics hardware is on the latest iPads. I wanted to push this idea a bit further, so this creature is a little more sophisticated than the last one, with a more complex skeleton and more detailed modelling, lighting and rendering.

Once I made the model I snapped shots of it in different positions (just to show that it really is made in 3D!) I then dropped those images into Diptic and arranged them into this grid design. One thing this daily create project is really forcing me to do is "app smashing", where content is passed from app to app to come up with interesting things that the combination of those apps can offer.