Monday, 3 February 2014

034 - Wineframes or Wireglasses

Day 34. For today's daily create I thought I'd try dabbling in a piece of software that I don't use very much, so I fired up Adobe Illustrator. While I know Photoshop pretty well I've never really felt like I've got to grips with Illustrator. I just started playing around in it and worked out that I could draw a vector shape and then revolve it around its edge to turn it into a 3D object. So I drew a half profile of a wine glass, then rotated it to make a 3D wineglass. I tidied up the 2D profile a bit using the bezier tools to give it a nicer shape, and the final 3D object looked pretty good.

Then I tried to make a bottle shape the same way. Finally, I duplicated the original glass profile to make the second glass, and here you see the result.

I originally rendered them as solid shapes but as I played with the different angles I found I could render them as wireframe objects. Not only did I quite like the look of the wireframe renders, but I also liked the play on words "wire" and "wine", so went with that idea.

The bottom line is that while Illustrator is a incredibly powerful piece of software for graphics professionals, it has a pretty steep learning curve. But even just messing around in it you can come uop with some interesting ideas. I like using it but I need to play around in it more to get to a point where I feel I'm controlling it and not the other way around.