Saturday, 1 February 2014

032 - iPad Fun and Learn Day

Day 32. After a successful iPad trial last year our school is making more use of iPads this year. We have BYOD iPads in Years 5 and 6, more shared iPad use in Years K-4, and in general a lot of interest from our teachers in making use of them.

Because our teachers always seem to have such busy schedules it can be difficult to find times to provide them with PD, especially those extended blocks of time that really allow you to immerse and play and get comfortable with these tools. When you're stressed and pushed for time during the school day, it's often hard to find real space for PD and to enjoy the learning that goes with it.  So we tried running a full day Saturday iPad workshop, and surprisingly, about 25 teachers turned up (some even brought their kids and spouses!)  And all seemed to have a genuinely good day of it!

My goal for the day was to provide them with a fun day of playing and learning, so I gave them some tasks that were the sorts of things they might ask their kids to do.  In other words, to (re)experience what it's like to be the learner. The active, engaged learner.

Anyway, I spent the last couple of days working on some notes and activities and ideas for the day, so I'm sharing them here as my daily create for today.  You can access these notes as Google Docs here. Click through on the links to get the actual projects. Feel free to take, use, modify or re-use them.