Tuesday, 18 February 2014

049 - Devoid of an Idea

Day 49. I was completely devoid of an idea for today's daily create, and I crawled into bed without having made something for the day. As I lamented my lack of creativity, Linda started making some suggestions... Most of which I was probably too dismissive of.

But I opened up a doc and jotted down a few ideas based on her suggestions, and ended up with this little piece of poetry...


"Creativity is finding good solutions", Linda said.

Still, little inspiration seemed to float around my head.

"What about a song? A cartoon? Or a superhero?"

But my creative processes were turning up a zero.

"Maybe you could make a web account for something new?

There's always new things on the web to see and try and do!"

I didn't think that signing up was honestly creative,

So I sat and pondered further, feeling somewhat brain depletive.

I couldn't think of what to make to finish off my day,

So I jotted down a few ideas and words (if just to play)

And as I wrote to make those words, I felt an urge to grow 'em,

And pretty soon, hey how 'bout that! I wrote a daily poem!