Tuesday, 29 July 2014

210 - The Response You Deserve

Day 210. I don't have a lot for respect for our current Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. It seems that every time he opens his mouth it's just to take one foot out of it so he can put the other one in, usually embarrassing both himself and Australia in the process. The most laughable response I've seen him give was when he was asked a question about a comment he made on our troops in Afghanistan, and he responded with 28 seconds of dumbfounded silence. He both avoided the question and came up with an even stupider response.  He's such a muppet!

So much of a muppet, in fact, that I was compelling to make this short video using the soundtrack from his press interview, and everyone's favourite muppets Bert and Ernie

You can watch the real interview here.  It's pretty sad when a country's Prime Minister sounds dumber than a puppet. But then I guess they both have a hand up their back making them do things.

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