Thursday, 17 July 2014

198 - Ten Haikus

Day 198. After my recent create using random prose created with the predictive text feature in Swiftkey for Android, I had a comment from Kelli McGraw suggesting that I might do a Haiku poem for a daily create. So I thought I'd try to use the same predictive text idea to make Haiku poems... Just let the app suggest the next word, and stop adding words when the right number of syllables on each line is reached, usually a 5, 7, 5 pattern for Haiku.

Some of them are a little bizarre, but there's a couple of surprising examples in here that I really quite like. And that's one of the interesting things about creativity when you allow randomness to intervene... you get a lot of rubbish, but you also find some unexpected gems. Which is your favorite?

Good evening sunshine
Looking at art and culture
Of my favourite things

That you can get it
Right away from my own home
At the moment for me

It sounds like a lot
More than one person to be
Out in the sunshine

With this product on
My own personal serenade
The same thing as well

I guess you're working
Today's world of difference
Between a rock star

In the meantime you
Can also be the first one
To watch the world

To see the world
Is not the same as seeing the
Other side of things

That I can see why
You should be able to join
Us for a while

Back to the sunshine
Looking forward to the answer
To the next couple

Just wanted to say
Thank you for letting me know
What works best for you