Tuesday, 15 July 2014

196 - Characteristic

Day 196. I was sitting in the K-2 library yesterday waiting for some iPads to update so I pulled out a couple of children's books at random and took photos of the characters on the covers. Then I used a new app from Adobe called Photoshop Mix which lets you easily eXtract images from their backgrounds and used it to combine a few different cover images into one combined composite image. I then composited it one more time with a background image I drew in Repix, then imported the whole stack into Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad where I played with the colour saturation, etc, and added a few effects. This is the final result, which is made of several randomly selected individual book covers.

I find it interesting that even though the characters in this image came from totally different books, it would not be at all difficult to come up with a story based on this image that involved all four characters.