Sunday, 13 July 2014

194 - Swiftkey Surrealism

Day 194. One of the must-have apps for my Nexus phone and tablet is Swiftkey, a third party replacement keyboard for the standard built-in Android keyboard. I like it a lot, and find it really helps with typing on a small screen. It does this by connecting to my Gmail account, blog, Facebook and Twitter, and it begins to learn my writing style. It becomes predictive over time, and based on my previous writing, it makes three guesses at the next word I'm probably about to type and lets me tap on one of those three suggested words instead of having to actually type it letter by letter. Once you get used to it, it's a real time saver.

The following piece of prose was composed by allowing Swiftkey to predict the next word in the sentence without me actually typing any of these words. Remember it offers three words each time, and I was sometimes choosing what I thought would be the best word, but mostly I just continually went with the very first suggestion it was making. The end result reads with a kind of surreal twist. Andre Breton, one of the members of the original Surrealist group, was a fan of this idea of "automatic writing", and loved the concept of letting randomness dictate the path of an idea without conscious intervention.

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