Wednesday, 20 August 2014

232 - Whip It Good

Day 232. I've been dabbling with Android App Inventor 2, (thanks Kevin Brookhouser!) and wow, what a huge improvement from version 1! This is so much more usable, and easy to get started with. If you're on the same wifi network it just connects to your phone, runs and compiles with no need to futz about with Java runtimes and so on. It fantastic.

I plan to learn lots more about this, but here's just a really simple project I made based on an idea that Kevin showed me. You may have seen that Big Bang Theory episode where they have an iPhone app that makes a whipping sound? There are a bunch of these apps in the App Store and Play Store, but why not create one more? I built my own app for doing this.

If you have an Android device you can grab the apk file here and try it yourself.  (To install it you'll need to allow files from unknown developers in the Developer Options, but it's safe, trust me.)