Saturday, 16 August 2014

228 - Googling in Melbourne

Day 228. One of the many hats I wear is being a member of the global EdTechTeam, the folk responsible for running the Google in Education Summits. Along with my colleagues Jim, Wes and Kimberley, we look after Summits in the Asia Pacific region. The next one we have planned is for Melbourne in September, and part of my role is to create the promotions for the event. So I created this flyer using a web 2.0 tool called Piktograph. It's easy to use and does a pretty nice job of helping make decent looking flyers.

As an aside, getting the word out about these events is always a challenge. No matter how much we try to get the information out, we inevitably run into people who have never heard about the event. Or worse, they hear about it after it's over and then say "if only I'd known!"  So if you're near Melbourne, and you know a teacher who might be interested in a fun filled two days of Google goodness, can you pass this post on?  Thanks.