Sunday, 17 August 2014

229 - Standing On Other Shoulders

Day 229. I got a chance to share a little about my Daily Create project at the Ignite, Innovate, Integrate Conference in Melbourne on Friday, where I was invited to give the closing keynote. It was fun to share this project and I'm thrilled that something I'm really doing for my own reasons seems to resonate with so many others.

I received an email from Sarah Carroll who was at the conference, with the following note...
"I attended the Kingswood conference today and like so many others I was incredibly motivated by what you shared. So...just in case you are ever out of inspiration or time I have attached a 'drawing' for use should you need it along your journey. Creativity drives creativity so surely, you can be permitted to include the creativity of others you have inspired to create along the way! On the off chance you ever use my dabble in the ways of linking technology you will also need to credit Tim Minchin with the words. I choose this as my grade were practicing singing this song whilst I was away from school practicing being creative with you today. Loved every minute!"
I'm humbled by the idea that something I've done might have inspired someone else to do something which they then offer back to me as a way of closing the loop of sharing. It's a lovely idea. So Sarah, thank you (Tim too!)! I wasn't sure whether using someone else's work should be allowed to count as my creative act for the day, but then I though it's my project, so I make the rules. And I say yes!