Wednesday, 10 September 2014

253 - Custom Form, Custom Quiz

Day 253. I've been teaching a lot of Scratch to my Year 5 classes lately and the teachers of those classes were keen for me to come up with some kind of assessment item for it. I haven't normally worried about assessing Scratch work because it always feels like something the kids want to do simply for the pure joy of learning rather than to earn a mark, but I came up with something anyway just to keep everyone happy. I would have liked it to be a purely practical task made in Scratch, but the marking and grading of that would have been rather impractical and far too time consuming. So instead I decided to create a 15 question quiz using the updated Google Forms and the Flubaroo Add-On script to make it self marking.

If you know any Scratch, feel free to have a go of the quiz...  this is a copy so you won't do any damage to my real one. I'll run the Flubaroo script on it later and send you a copy of your results.

The new changes to Google Forms are just fantastic and you can now make all sorts of customisations and changes to the look of the forms.