Wednesday, 22 October 2014

295 - Cyclic

Day 295. I was looking some the abstraction works by Picasso and thinking about the idea of simplification or reduction. I'm a little fascinated by the concept of using as few resources as possible in order to get something done, so the idea of conveying an idea as simply as possible is interesting to me. It's not just a matter of efficiency, although I like that notion too, but there is a real sense of beauty in doing more with less. As I was exploring the pen tool in Adobe Draw I wondered how few lines would be required to convey the idea of a cyclist, and I quickly scrawled these six marks on the iPad. As I draw the last stroke Linda noticed what I'd done and said, "nice cyclist" so I guess the concept came across ok.

It makes me wonder how often we agonise over details that don't matter.