Monday, 20 October 2014

293 - Is this thing on?

Day 293 - I noticed that Adobe just released a few new tools for iOS. It was that long ago that Adobe had very little on the iOS platform, but now there are a bunch of great tools available, each doing something specific and most connecting back to the "big tools" of the desktop Creative Cloud. This image was made usingAdobe Shape, a vector analysis tool for photographs. Take a photo with it and it will trace out the main shape and convert them to Illustrator-like vectors. At first I couldn't figure out how to actually get the image off the iPad since it didn't seem to have an Export to Camera Roll option. It wasn't till I opened it using Photoshop on the Mac that I saw it sitting in the My Library panel. Nice.

This image of a microphone was originally just a black and white vector image, but I opened it in Photoshop, added some layers, and used a Wacom tablet to roughly paint in some colour.