Monday, 6 October 2014

279 - By Accident

Day 279. I'm a big fan of randomness. I like accidents and coincidence and serendipity. I think if we were all just a little more accepting of some of the things that happen around us without necessarily questioning the reason for those things, we would all be just a little bit happier. Sometimes, things "just happen" and we don't need a rationale or a logical explanation for why.

As an example, I unexpectedly found this photo on my phone tonight. It seems that the lady sitting next to me on the train today noticed me using my Android Wear to respond to a text message by using my voice to talk into my watch. She asked about it and we got into a good conversation about wearables and technology. I was showing her how the watch could be used as the remote trigger for the phone's camera, and I must have accidentally pressed the button and taken this blurry shot by mistake.

Then somehow, I've unknowingly managed to accidentally press a button to add this filter and border effect, resulting in this image. All of this was done without me realising it, and yet, I quite like the end result. So today's create is a nod to the value of randomness and "happy accidents".