Saturday, 10 May 2014

130 - One I Prepared Earlier

Day 130. You can do some really interesting things using an online service called If This Then That, otherwise referred to as IFTTT. This service acts as the "glue" that sticks various web APIs together. It basically takes any online service that has a write-API and connects with any other online service that has a read-API, to create what it calls a "recipe", so that IF something happens THEN something else will happen. For example, if you're seeing this post on Facebook, it's because IFTTT has automatically put it there.... eg, I have a recipe that says IF I post to the Daily Create blog THEN also post it to Facebook.

IFTTT got a little more interesting a few weeks ago when they released their Android app. Because Android is far less locked down than iOS it gives access to parts of the system that let you create some very interesting recipes. In this example, I have created a recipe that says IF I take a photo on my Nexus 5 using Instagram THEN set that photo as my phone's wallpaper. So every Instagram shot I take ends up being my wallpaper until I take a new one.

IFTTT Recipe: Instawallpaper  connects instagram to android-device

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