Thursday, 17 April 2014

107 - Five Ideas

Day 107. Yesterday was the final day of the Sydney Google in Education Summit held at PLC Sydney, where I happen to work. Although I could probably claim the Summit itself as an act of creation, I was just a small part of a much larger team that made it happen, so they deserve far more of the credit for it.

However, I was given the honor of delivering the closing keynote for the event, so I tried to wrap the talk into five main ideas each supported with some stories and examples. Some I've used before, and some were new, but I hope that they were meaningful in some way to somebody.

Today's create is the five ideas, captured here in a photo from Rob McTaggart, and posted in his Tweet...

Laughed. Cried. Got Inspired. 5 steps to edulightenment by @betchaboy as the #gafesummit ended.

Thanks Rob.