Sunday, 13 April 2014

103 - Getting to the Crux

Day 103. I have some exciting news to tell. Soon. For now, suffice to say I've started a company for doing some things that I'm really excited about in the very near future. It's name is Crux Learning. For today's daily create I used Adobe Illustrator to design a logo for this new company. Here it is.

The name Crux has a few meanings, and I tried to design the logo to capture some of them. You've probably heard the expression "Getting to the crux of the issue". It's means getting to the heart of things, tapping into the most important points at issue. Not dancing around the edges, but focusing on what actually makes a difference.

Crux is also the name for the constellation that adorns the Australian flag, otherwise known as the Southern Cross. In fact, Crux is the latin word for cross.

The logo is meant to represent this idea of getting to the point - the crux of an issue - with the four shapes each pointing like arrows towards the centre, identifying the focus point in the middle. It is also a stylised Southern Cross if you imagine a star in the centre of each of the coloured shapes, forming a cross that tilts to the right. As an Australian company, I liked that symbolism. The negative whitespaces between the coloured shapes also form a cross, relating back to the Latin meaning of the word. Finally, the logo resembles a flower, symbolising growth. And if you think the colours remind you of another company doing great things with technology, that's not really an accident either. :-)