Wednesday, 15 January 2014

015 - Cream Dreams

Cream Dreams
There may be bigger issues,
So you’ll think me quite a dreamer,
But I don’t enjoy my coffee
If its missing coffee creamer.
See, Woolies used to have ‘em,
But their aisle shelf is bare.
I’ve looked each time I shop,
But they’re simply never there.
It’s been three weeks since Christmas,
when I saw them on the shelf.
and without my coffee creamers,
I am simply not myself!
I’ve tried with milk, I’ve tried with cream,
It’s simply not the same.
I need that nutty hazel taste,
and that branded Nestle name.
So Woolies get your act together!
I’ve tried that other stuff.
I want, no NEED, my creamers!
Three weeks is quite enough.

Day 15. The backstory: My fiancé Linda loves her coffee, but only if she can have it with Nestlé coffee creamers. Just before Christmas they went out of stock at our local Woolworths store and are still unavailable. Needless to say, she's starting to have withdrawal symptoms.