Wednesday, 8 January 2014

008 - Easy Image Mapping

Day 8. Today I'm posting a photo with an image map. Image maps are when you can mouse over different parts of the image and they act as "hotspots" that link to different URLs. If you click on individual people in this photo you'll find it will take you to their Google+ profile page.

Image maps are not a new thing. I learnt how to make them way back when I started making webpages in the 90s using Adobe PageMill. But this one was made using Google Drawings and then adding transparent linked shapes to it. Tomorrow's daily create will be a video showing you how to make this.

I hadn't really considered how these could be made so easily using Google Drawings. Thanks to my fellow GCTs Adrian Francis, Jay Atwood and Juan DeLuca for raising the idea on the GCT forums and prompting me to discover how to make these.

What classroom uses can you think of for image maps?